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  • "Trazy started as two ladies duo who couldn’t help but decide that they needed to build a travel platform where travelers can truly discover the latest happenings in their travel destination. Despite how popular Korea’s becoming as a travel destination, we felt that it was still difficult for foreign travelers to find out what they can do and where they can visit. Since we also experienced how frustrating traveling was, we decided that..
  • "If you are planning on visiting Korea we have good news for you! South Korea’s KTX line raises to the standard of the super fast rail lines you can find in the biggest European countries. Learn to look up and make reservations for a trip on KTX’s finest."
  • "The type of power adapter, power converter or charger that you'll need when visiting South Korea all depend on the voltage and type of device that you're attempting to use in a South Korean power outlet. If you're unclear about what voltage your device can use then please read the section below about how can you tell if you have a single voltage or dual voltage device first. Increased use of a mobile phone during a vacation..
  • "Public transportation is really convenient in the main cities of Korea, but if you’ve been wanting to explore the countryside, especially Jeju Island, renting a car provides much more freedom. It will let you see more, give you more time to visit landmarks and you will get to discover hidden spots hardly accessible by public transportation. So if you feel ready to take the wheel, here is all you need to know to rent a car and basic know..
  • "All passengers entering Korea from abroad must fill out the declaration form even if they do not have any items to declare. If entering as a family, you only need to fill out 1 form per family. Specify items to be declared on the Traveler Possession Declaration Form. Then fill out the traveler’s information and sign the form. You can fill out the declaration form in the Arrival Hall, but completing the form on board will expedite the ar..
  • "Travelers entering or leaving Korea should be aware of certain restricted items that are not to be carried into or out of the country. Prohibited items carried into the country will be confiscated. In addition, any passenger found to be carrying a prohibited or restricted item during the Customs investigation is subject to punishment in accordance with the Korean laws regarding customs."
  • "There are several things to keep in mind when travelling to a different country: housing, exchange rates, transportation, visas, and phone plans to name a few. While it isn’t impossible to figure these things out on your own, a bit of practical information to help guide you along might be helpful. At 10 Magazine, we’ve created a guide to acquiring a SIM card or phone plan in Korea as a foreigner, whether you’re visiting for a short ..
  • "South Korea is also known globally as a top destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, or MICE. In 2015, the country welcomed 1.56 million MICE travelers, and since then, has recorded an annual increase of 13%. Here are six of the best offerings that ranked Korea as a top MICE destination worldwide."
  • "An increasing number of patients travel to other countries for better medical procedures than those offered at home. Korea is one such destination because of highly skilled doctors as well as convenient hospital services. According to Ministry of Health and Welfare data, around 380,000 foreigners came to Korea for medical treatment last year."
  • "The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines will now be processing group South Korea tourist visa applications. Group visa applications are available for those partaking in a company incentive or educational tour. The group applying for a Korean visa must be in the same flight or vessel upon entering and exiting South Korea. Interested parties may submit their Korean visa requirements and application to travel agencies designa..
  • "Busan’s vibrant nightlife might last from dusk till dawn, but at some point you’ve got to sleep. So where can you lay your head? Here’s our pick of the best budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses in the city."
  • "Whether you are in Korea just to visit or living here, knowing how to get around is very important. Not just how to get around within the borders of the big cities like Seoul and Busan, but also how to get from Seoul to Busan, and vice versa, or how to get to the more remote areas. So exactly what type of transportation options do you have for your Korea travel?"
  • "Whenever traveling to another country, safety is always a concern. But is South Korea safe? It sure is! But there are still some things any future visitor or resident should know about. Here are 8 things you should know about safety in Korea!"
  • "The hip traveler often skips the hotel and decides to go for a more local experience by choosing an Airbnb. This homestay and accommodation network has been enabling people to list or rent short-term lodging in residential properties since 2008. On your next visit to Seoul, why not give one of these 10 incredible Airbnbs a try?"
  • "Many of us think that we need loads of money to travel in Korea. That is not entirely true because you can travel Korea on a budget. Read on for the tips!"
  • "Most tourists would agree that speaking in jargon-filled English at the speed of an auctioneer in any country whose official language isn't English is rude, and perhaps, a bit ethnocentric. But, even if you consider yourself a well-mannered globetrotter, there's likely a few other South Korean faux pas you could break unwittingly if you aren't privy to them. If you want to have a fantastic time in Korea and leave a fantasti..
  • "Travelling to South Korea had been on my original Asia itinerary, but I took it off due to budget. However, after being in North Korea, I wanted to visit South Korea in order to understand the differences between them. After a few days, I realised I wasn’t feeling much for South Korea – which happens in some places, although rarely. Whilst certain parts of a country might not live up to much, my time there does still bring with it som..
  • "Traveling to South Korea for the first time? Get the most out of your visit by brushing up on Korean culture with these useful travel tips."
  • Winter, spring, summer, or fall? Truth is, Korea is an amazing place to visit at any time of the year. But with temperatures here reaching extreme ends quite unpredictably, it doesn't hurt to be informed. Here are some reasons why you should (or shouldn't) visit Korea at each of the four seasons.
  • Surprisingly, Korea still isn't as popular a destination as its other Asian neighbors. This country offers the perfect blend of ultra-modern efficiency, wild food and entertainment options, and relaxing rural tranquility. If you haven't already, learn more about what makes Korea special - and worth your next flight ticket.

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