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  • "In a world that is K-Pop and K-drama crazy, this writer is one of the rare breed whose exposure to anything Korean (besides food) ended in the mid-2000s together with her youth. So, when our editor asked the team if anyone wants to join Korean Tourism Organisation’s media family day - which involves attending a K-pop concert and visiting a few places made popular by K-Dramas – this vacation-starved person said yes albeit with some mis..
  • "Taking a metro in Busan is an economical way to explore the city because it runs through almost all of the tourist destinations and the fare is relatively cheap. If you’re going to stay a while within the city, buy a Hanaro Card. But if you are just making a one-day stop in Busan, one-day metro tickets are highly recommended."
  • "The best way to make your way through Seoul is definitely through their subway system. Not only is it extremely convenient, but is actually one of the best transit systems in the world. Keep reading and In less than five minutes, you’ll have the knowledge of a local!"
  • "As soon as the sun dips below the horizon, the lights of Seoul flicker on and the city is abuzz with vivacious energy. This capital city of South Korea is exceptionally renowned for its diverse range of nightlife activities. Both locals and foreigners are no strangers to the nightlife in Seoul, where there are 24-hour cafes, bars, clubs, and many more places to visit in this entertaining list below."
  • "We hike on a regular basis here in Korea. Slowly but surely learning the ins and outs of hiking in Korea. If you want to fit right in on a hike in Korea, than you will want to follow this packing guide to hike like (or pretty close to) the locals!"
  • "Busan has, among other things, stunning mountains and narrow back alleys. It has lustrous coastlines with seagulls and sand. The city is also famous for scorching hot springs and heavenly seafood. Busan is, without doubt, a rollicking port metropolis offering many wonderful things to visitors. Check out the video to explore the undiscovered gems and hidden spots in Busan."
  • “Most people are familiar with common scams when travelling, often to do with theft or a loss of property etc., and having travelled solo plenty times before, I’ve become rather mistrusting of strangers. One thing I didn’t quite see coming though, was religious cults and teahouses. It’s a 'scam' that’s been going on in Korea for years. Prior to my Korea trip, I hadn’t heard anything about this scam. Here’s my experience ..
  • "A 24-7 city with something to do every hour, Seoul can be surprisingly expensive. But veer off the typical to-do list and you’ll find that the best things in life might actually be free. Fill your hours with these scenic walks, visit the city’s most poetic sites and experience views money can’t buy with these 30 free things to do in Seoul."
  • "Everyone is out at night in Jinju, South Korea, during a two-week period in the fall. No one wants to miss the Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival, which honors the nation’s fallen soldiers. At the heart of the event is a parade of lanterns floating on the Namgang River. The colorful creations resemble animals and national landmarks. There’s lots happening on land, too, including live performances, fountain displays and fireworks."
  • "There are plenty of ways to escape the cold—from fishcake skewers and soju to boutique or cafe hopping. But one of the most satisfactory experiences would be the jjimjilbang or the famous Korean bathhouses. Here are six things to love about a jjimjilbang during winter."
  • "If you’re a cinephile, you’ll know about the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). Held over eight days in October, BIFF is one of Asia’s biggest annual film festivals — 2017’s edition saw just under 193,000 ticket holders flock to screenings and events, screening films from 76 different countries. As well as BIFF, Korea’s film city has draws all year round; here’s our guide to Busan for those who love life through a len..
  • "After an hour and 20 minutes’ ride on a train from Cheongnyangni bound for Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, you reach a small station named after a 20th-century novelist beloved by many Koreans: Kim Yu-jeong. Originally called Sinnam Station, it was renamed in 2004, as part of a local project to commemorate the author, who hailed from a rural village called Sile, just a few minutes’ walk from the station. Surrounded by Geumbyeongsan, the ..
  • "From small details like currency to important matters such as housing and flight, there are so many factors making you want to throw away your travel plan even before you start packing. In that sense, we can say that Seoul is your perfect vacation place because Seoul is fairly convenient to travel. Make sure you know the 6 reasons why Seoul will make your trip easier, giving you more time to concentrate on the quality of travel."
  • "Are you planning a Winter trip to Korea this year? Well, if you are, you’ve probably got a trip to a ski resort included in your itinerary. Korea is well-known for its snowy ski slopes but skiing or snowboarding down one of these slopes isn’t the other Winter activity you can do. Why not try your hand at some strawberry picking this Winter? The season for fruit picking is coming right around the corner and what better way to embrace t..
  • "Public transportation isn’t necessarily the first thing that pops into our heads when we’re preparing for a trip. How come we never fail to plan what to eat or what to do but what about HOW to get around? In most places, you’ll have to take public transport to get to and fro. With a myriad of sights and delicacies Seoul has to offer, it would be a shame to miss out on any of them. So, keep your eyes wide open as we go through A Comp..
  • "Korea is...probably one of the best destinations in the world to celebrate Christmas! There are so many festivals and celebrations at this time of the year that the list goes on and on. This blog will attempt to cover just a few of them that are happening in Seoul and Busan."
  • "Metropolitan Pass, or MPASS, is a transportation card exclusively for international tourists traveling in the Seoul metropolitan area and Jeju. Discover Seoul Pass is a card that functions as a Tmoney card and a free admission pass to major tourist attractions in Seoul." Read more from VisitKorea.or.
  • "Temperature starts to drop in Korea as September rolls around, bringing gentle breeze and providing just the perfect atmosphere to travel. Hence, festivals seem to pop-up almost everywhere between September and November. Don’t miss out on this opportunity fully embrace some of the most fascinating elements of Korean history, culture, arts, and food at any one of the following festivals!"
  • "In November, cold winds begin to blow and people start to bundle up when heading out. The best way to recharge your batteries and get back your vitality is by surrounding yourself with green plants. This winter, visit a greenhouse or garden-themed restaurant for a quick pick-me-up!"
  • "Starting with our first episode about the 3 most fun things you can enjoy at the Bukchon and Seochon village in Seoul, we will bring a new culture series called THREE THINGS!! The Korea Times reporters will select 3 choices on various themes: trending places to visit in Seoul, special activities you can experience or even sets of Korean life hacks that you may find useful. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Korea recommended for fo..

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