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  • "Whether or not you subscribe to the typical Korean interior, it is both exciting and nerve-wracking to pick out and commit to furniture without emptying your wallet, especially in Korea where the furniture market is highly saturated. So we’re here to help make the process a little easier! Here are six furniture stores in Korea that truly emulate both the modern Korean model and subversive expression you may be looking for."
  • "Though the east coast is a favorite summer destination for many, Uljin may not be foremost on the minds of holidaymakers. Uljin’s winter delicaciesA three-hour drive from Seoul, Uljin is a quiet harbor community that too often stands in the shadow of the popular tourist towns Gangneung and Sokcho. Though it may lack the sparkle of its better-known neighbors, Uljin -- with its hot springs and forests -- is a go-to spot for foodies planni..
  • "Sometimes all you want is a delicious, chewy, cheesy pizza, just the way they do it at home. Whether that’s the thin, crispy crust of New York or the chewy deliciousness of Naples, Italy, Seoul offers it all. Read on for our list of the most authentic pizza places in Seoul, South Korea."
  • "How is your feeling when you win a door prize or a competition? Most of the prize of winning is Money right? But stop there, the form of winning money prize is not something that you think. In Korea, the winning prize is commonly not in the cash money, not also by using bank transfer process, but in the gift card form. If you did shopping in Korea, and found the cash back offer for some products, you need to realize that the cash back tha..
  • "Asia is a paradise for tea lovers. While South Koreans prefer coffee over tea, they do appreciate their long tea culture by keeping traditional teahouses alive and establishing new modern brands. Here’s a collection of where to grab the best cup of tea in the city."
  • "Although Koreans take pride in the wide variety of vegetables of their traditional dishes – including their beloved kimchi – meat remains a significant part of the country’s cuisine and culture. Things are slowly changing, however, and restaurants are adapting to meet evolving dietary needs and preferences. So, while not all the Daegu restaurants on this list are entirely vegetarian, each offers vegetarian and/or vegan options to sa..
  • "Traveling on a budget doesn’t have to mean instant noodles every night. In South Korea’s second city, there are a whole host of cheap restaurants delicious enough to please even the most discerning foodie. Here’s our guide to the best budget restaurants in Busan."
  • "A bustling port city on the east coast with Seoraksan in the backdrop, Sokcho, a three-hour drive from Seoul, is a much-favored summer destination for South Koreans. Defined by its lively beaches, abundant seafood and vibrant city atmosphere, the city is packed with vacationers in summer. Its recent rise as a surfing destination has led to even more visitors. Though Gangwon Province does not have a thriving culinary scene, Sokcho is still..
  • "The trend of collecting celebrity goods, part of popular hallyu culture, has reached new heights. Level up your fan credit by touring stores that sell your favorite artists’ goods, the hottest new trend taking over the hallyu world. Follow us as we take you into the world of idol goods you have never imagined."
  • "Bukhyung is a bright, inviting restaurant with a vintage vibe that sits among trendy eateries and cafes in Songdo’s multiplex shopping center Triple Street. However, its specialty -- North Korean home-style meals -- does not conform to South Korea’s fast-changing food trends. A joint venture between traditional liquor bar Wolhyang and spicy sausage stew franchise Nolboo, Bukhyang is the first real attempt here to market North Korean c..
  • "The best places to go shopping in Jeju attract those looking to shop for Korean goods and souvenirs.  As tourist numbers grow every year, Jeju continues to expand its retail options with international brands, duty-free outlets, and shopping malls in popular areas. If shopping is on top of your list, then Jeju might just be the right holiday destination for you."
  • "Go into the food section of any Lotte Mall in South Korea and you’ll find Samjin Fish Cake Bakery. Serving up fish cakes and croquettes of all kinds, Samjin has firmly established its place in Korea’s food culture, and is the largest fish cake producer in the country. In the seaside city of Busan, you can visit a museum devoted to Samjin’s history, learn to make your own fish cakes, and sample fresh wares in the adjacent fish cake b..
  • "Koreans absolutely love bread, cake and co. It’s no surprise then that Seoul is filled with an array of unique bakeries and cafés, offering delicious pastries and baked goods. Here are five of the best to visit for the freshest breads and creamiest cakes in the capital."
  • "Are you looking for some special items to add to your wardrobe? While only a couple of years back, concept stores have been unheard of in Seoul, it now seems as though the city is home to the best of the best. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it and more at these need-to-know concept stores in South Korea‘s capital city."
  • "Embark on a culinary journey through Daegu, South Korea, and let your taste buds be tantalized by the southern city’s gastronomic specialties. Here are the top 10 treats you need to try."
  • "If you love Korean food, you don’t want to miss eating your way through Seoul’s century old Gwangjang Market. As one of the oldest continually functioning markets in all of South Korea, it’s a great place to soak up the country’s traditional culture and sample its gastronomic goodies, all under one roof. While there, be sure to check off the following list of must-try culinary delights."
  • "South Korea’s biggest port city, Busan, has a thriving seafood industry, and tourists from all over the world flock to taste its salty wares. The city’s seafood dishes are many and varied, but there are some you can’t miss, and we’ve rounded up the most important ones. Happy eating!"
  • "For such a tiny island, Jeju is packed full of specialty dishes. From rich black pork to abalones plucked fresh from the ocean by Jeju’s very own ‘mermaids’, there are plenty of delicacies to try. Here’s a selection of Jeju’s best dishes to whet your appetite, and our suggestions for places to try them."
  • "In South Korea, food trends come and go faster than you can say, An-nyeong-ha-se-yo. But a few restaurants have managed to stand the test of time, serving consistently good food that keeps locals continuously coming back for more. Here’s a list of ten of these local favorites."
  • "Busan is a foodie’s dream. From sizzling beachfront sea food to refreshing shaved ice topped with fresh fruit, the city has plenty to get your teeth into. Here’s our guide to the dishes you simply can’t miss, and where you can find them."

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