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  • “Being a parent means you have to make the hard choices, like saying no to ice cream for breakfast, even when you have a sweet tooth yourself! Thankfully, there are plenty of cafés in Seoul serving sweet yet healthy foods you can gladly say yes to. No more 'just one more bite' or 'you didn’t even try it!' Visit one of the following eight cafés and you’ll be shouting out 'Goodbye compromise, hello sweets!'”
  • "The streets of Busan has a lot of things to do, which is bound to make you go hungry quite quick. That means it’s time to roam the streets of Busan in search of some of the most delicious Busan street food you can find. Lucky for you it isn’t just one menu, there are hundreds of different street foods you can choose from, but we are here to introduce to you our pick of the top 10 Busan street food that you have to try!"
  • "Culture Day (문화가 있는 날)  in South Korea is on the last Wednesday of each month. This day is established in order to make culture more approachable and accessible in everyday life by offering special prices and discounts. Below are some offers that may interest you!"
  • "The Starbucks brand has long been ubiquitous in Korea. Although Starbucks here feature an extensive selection of desserts and cakes, often much more elaborate than those found abroad, some of the hype around Starbucks in Korea may be due to its exclusive menu items. Starbucks here offers drinks that often feature flavors unique to Korea such as Omija as well as flavors distinct to Jeju Island."
  • "By any stretch of the tongue, Jeollanam-do is a real twister. But when it comes to food, nothing could be more straightforward – because when it comes to Korean culinary history, this southernmost province is where it all began. If you want to experience the true heart of Korean cuisine, then leave the shiny bright lights of the capital and venture far south, where life is a little more rural but not backward, and the food rough and rus..
  • “Bibimbap, which literally translates into 'mixed rice,' is a warm bowl of white rice with sautéed and seasoned vegetables, gochujang (red chili paste), and typically topped off with a fried egg. South Korea’s Jeonju province is most famous for the dish, but luckily, there are delicious bibimbap spots all across the country. At 10 Magazine, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 bibimbap spots you should visit in South Korea!”
  • "Have you ever suffered from finding a place to have vegetarian meals in Seoul? Don’t worry about it anymore! Here is the ultimate list of the restaurants, bakeries, and cafés in Seoul by the district where you can have vegetarian food."
  • "Lotte Department Store threw a party for some 200 of its VIP customers last month. About 10 luxury brands, including watchmaker IWC and designer clothing brand Thom Browne, set up booths, and models presented top styles for the upcoming season at a mini fashion show. Only men with annual purchases of over 100 million won ($86,485) were invited. Gone are the days when men were just an afterthought for retailers. They are emerging as power ..
  • "The CU Pheonix Pyeongchang store is the only convenience store in the nation that sells live octopus, offering customers the chance to buy a meal using fresh, raw seafood caught and killed in-store (that’s usually still moving as it’s eaten). While this in itself is an eye-opening experience for foreigners, the popularity of squid in Korea is also a surprise – dried squid is kind of like Korea’s beef jerky, a popular snack and oft..
  • "These days, bookstores aren’t just places for selling books anymore. Instead, they’ve been shifting and growing into something more, slowly becoming unique spaces where people can gather, relax, and escape the daily grind of the city. As the weather grows colder, come visit these unique Seoul bookstores to rest your weary soul and body."
  • "Meaning 'Small Alleyway of Paris', Ruelle de Paris is a small couple-run bakery near Nambu Bus Terminal Station. Made with imported French ingredients, the bread of this bakery retains its authentic French taste. The bakery's signature menu is their buttery crescent-shaped croissant, beloved by both Korean and French customers."
  • "Upon registration, every customer will be assigned a unique Korean address. With the address, you can shop in Korean online and offline stores exactly as Koreans do. Our business processing system has been designed in a way that you don’t need to apply for package forwarding in advance, so just choose and order your favorite items and have them delivered to your assigned free address."
  • “The Korea Herald’s interns visited Manseon Hof, a popular spot in Euljiro that is going strong on social media. Thanks to its surging popularity, thirsty hordes usually begin to appear early in the evening. The pub’s signature dish is 'nogari,' or dried pollack, which is priced at just 1,000 won (about 85 cents). Along with a glass of draft for 3,000 won, it’s perfect for a light night out. Check out the video to experience t..
  • "Korea is one of the fastest growing countries on earth, an industrial giant in the world of electronics and communications, the capital city of Seoul reflects the face paced lifestyle with which its inhabitants carry out their daily grind. Within this city of 10 million citizens reside 285,618 foreign nationals hailing from all around the world. And despite all the conveniences and perks that Seoul offers there is always still something m..
  • "Through multiple Free Trade Agreements that Korea has made with the EU, America, Australia, and many other countries, foreign wine has (thankfully) become much more prevalent and readily available here over the past few years. Naturally, this has led to some quality wine bars setting up shop in Seoul ranging from venues that offer an authentic French experience to well, one that has some of the best bar food in Asia. If you’re looking f..
  • "I don’t know about you all, but whenever I go to an ethnic restaurant, I always keep an eye out for how many people of that ethnicity are actually dining there. I have no idea if this is a valid metric for a restaurant’s quality, but it’s served me well so far. So when I walked into Lettuce Shabu (Hongdae) and heard a lot of Japanese, I knew that I had come to the right spot for shabu shabu in Seoul."
  • "To put it simply, Korea is the heaven for shopaholics. There is nothing you cannot get while you do shopping in Korea. Among numerous shops and stores, we curated some of the most popular and worth visiting shops. At the centerpiece of shopping, from character shops to famous beauty brands, you will like it at least one thing. If not, you can buy items as a gift for your family or friends. Now, follow our guide to must-visit shops to get ..
  • "Greetings, food lovers! It’s time for another post on where to eat and how to get there. This week, I’ll be focusing on the different countries of the world. I’ll be covering foreign restaurants in Seoul offering cuisine from countries like Great Britain and New Zealand, Japan, America, India, and of course, South Korea. Hopefully you’ll find something that you’ve been craving or have been wanting to try out in this blog."
  • "Seoul is really a shopping haven, and you can easily go broke if you don’t watch your spending. So here’s seven great discounts and freebies that will help you save money and maximise your shopping trip. This is a must-read for travellers on a budget!"
  • "If you’re traveling to Korea or are newly living in Korea, you’re most likely going to want to go to a Korean restaurant in Korea. But even a simple thing like asking for the check can make your servers chuckle. Make sure you don’t look like a fool by following this guide on how to eat Korean food like a local!"

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