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AboutKorea compiles the best South Korea-related content around the web for your reading pleasure. From travel guides to cooking lessons to social analyses, there is no shortage of information to help our audiences understand this fascinating country. And if you want to take a step further by interacting with actual Koreans and other Korea enthusiasts, head over to our Q&A board and ask away!

Why we are here?

Korea is on everybody's travel bucket list. Korean culture, in all its vibrancy and dynamism, has captivated global interest like never before. And yet we find that for many, there is still much to learn about the Land of the Morning Calm, not helped by too many inaccuracies all over the media. AboutKorea helps you go beyond the high-tech glamor and truly understand why this country matters, what it has been through, and how much more it has to offer. We invite you to browse through the varied content we’ve gathered for you and share your insights with others.

Our Team

Like the Taegeuk symbolizing balance and harmony, like bibimbap combining various ingredients to make something great, our AboutKorea team is a healthy mix of Koreans and foreigners alike. We need a local perspective to ground our content in reality, and an international perspective to present it to the world.

  • Yangcheon Bossam

    A true-blue native Korean, she takes charge of web design, planning, and management on AboutKorea. She likes communicating with people from all over the world and listening to their stories, especially if they’re interested in Korea. Outside of work, she devotes her time to cooking, making the meanest sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu stew) this side of Seoul.

  • Gangnam Galbi

    Our resident foreigner is an Asian culture enthusiast. He curates all the articles here on AboutKorea and writes pieces for our Fast Facts section. Aside from writing, he looks forward to K-BBQ dinners every payday – or on any occasion, really.

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