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Community Guidelines 
August 19, 2020

Use Q&A 
Welcome to the AboutKorea Q&A board! This is a space for experts and non-experts alike to share their knowledge related to Korea. Feel free to ask or answer as many questions as you like. Our admins’ fact-checked answers will be pinned to the top of each thread, but answers from any other user are welcomed and encouraged. 

Rules / Manners 
Please read our Q&A guidelines carefully before posting anything. Posts that break these guidelines will be removed without notice, and repeat offenders will be banned. And if you keep breaking our rules, your account could be banned permanently. The most important things to remember are (1) Keep it Korea-related and (2) Be respectful. 

Q&A Guidelines 

General Rules: Questions 

  1. Keep questions relevant to South Korea. 
  2. Ask questions in English only. 
  3. Ask questions that preferably require factual, not opinionated answers. 
  4. Word questions concisely, using proper spelling and grammar. 
  5. Be respectful. 

Prohibited Questions 

  1. How to obtain illicit/illegal goods and services 
  2. Harassment or hate speech 
  3. Requesting sensitive personal information about any individual 
  4. Jokes or spam 
  5. Any violations of the General Rules (see above) 

General Rules: Answers 

  1. Keep answers concise and on-topic. 
  2. Answer questions in English only. 
  3. Prioritize facts over opinions when giving answers. 
  4. Word answers concisely, using proper spelling and grammar. 
  5. Be respectful. 

Prohibited Answers 

  1. Lacking any relevant or helpful content 
  2. Containing insults, threats, harassment, hate speech, or personal attacks of any kind 
  3. Containing encouragement of or incitement to violence 
  4. Containing or soliciting sensitive personal information about any individual 
  5. Containing any profanity or sexually suggestive language 
  6. Containing solicitations of any kind, especially of illegal goods or services 
  7. Containing only questions with no effort to answer the original question 
  8. Too opinionated without providing factual basis 
  9. Reposts, especially of deleted content 
  10. Any violations of the General Rules (see above) 

User Leveling  

We’ve set user levels based on the Joseon Dynasty social classes from Korean history. These levels are for fun, so don’t take it too seriously. 
There are 5 levels in our website except admin.  

  1. Nongmin : Peasants, laborers, or farmers 
  2. Chungin/ Jungin: Experts or skilled workers (in today’s world, a doctor or lawyer) 
  3. Yangban: Aristocrats or scholarly officials (in today’s world, a CEO or top bureaucrat) 
  4. Yeonguijeong: State Councilor, second in command (Prime Minister) 
  5. Wang: King, supreme authority 
When you sign up, you will start with Level 1, Nongmin. Here are the criteria to reach another level. 

  1. Nongmin: First visit. 
  2. Chungin/ Jungin:10 Comments, 5 questions. 
  3. Yangban: 50 comments, 30 questions. 
  4. Yeonguijeong: 200 comments, 70 questions. 
  5. Wang: 500 comments, 250 questions. 

*Duplicate posts, posts with less than 150 characters, or posts that violate our guidelines in any way will not be counted as part of your level score. 
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