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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


DOHE Korea (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) complies with applicable laws including Personal Information Protection Act, and protects personal information, with its best efforts, by establishing Privacy Policy under applicable laws.


The Privacy Policy is open to users at any time on the initial page of the About Korea website for easier recognition by users and may be modified depending on the changes of applicable laws, guidelines, announcements and company service policies. Please read following content carefully and proceed to sign up for a membership only if you consent to it.


1. Items of personal information to be processed and purpose


The Company collects items of personal information for the purpose of operation of business, provision and improvement of products and services, provision of information to users and development of effective advertisements, and for each of following purpose.

For the Company to provided services to all members, following items of personal information are required and those items are collected upon consent of membership applicants or on the basis of laws.

A member has a right to refuse to provided consent to the item to be collected; provided, however, that signing up for membership and use of the service may be restricted if you refuse to provide consent to collection and use of required items.   


When to be collected

Items of collection

Purpose of collection

When signing up for membership


Duplicate registration verification information (DI), country of residence, device information (Unique device identifier, OS version, etc.)




Conformation of intent to join, subscription/change/termination of services, determination whether to provide services (verification of ages, etc.) and verification of duplicate registration, delivery of announcements, operation of a place in which members participate, member survey

When using the website

[Required] IP address, cookie, service use record (date and time of visit, faulty use record, etc.), device information (unique device identifier, OS version, etc.)

Analysis of statistics of the service use (identification of details and frequency of the use), prevention of wrongful use by a faulty member), service improvement and update

When consulting with a customer

[Optional] Name, cell phone number, email, details of consultation (there may be personal information additionally collected depending on the type of inquiry and content)

Consultation for a customer via phone/handling of complaint∙mediation of dispute, operation of a place in which members participate, member survey

When participating in a contest, event and promotion

[Optional: in case of participation]

Name, cell phone number, email, residence


Delivery of a prize in the event of winning an event or contest

When using a service


Status of service use (date of subscription, period of use, items of services of use), content preference

Provision of a customized service



2. Process of personal information and period of retention

1. The Company retains and uses member’s personal information from the date of service subscription to the date of withdrawal of membership, and in case a member withdraws a membership, the Company immediately destroys or separately retains such member’s personal information in accordance with Article 39-6 of Personal Information Protection Act; provided, however, that information retained in accordance with applicable laws shall be an exception.

Period for retention and use of personal information in accordance with applicable laws

Grounds for retention

Items subject to retention

Retention period

Commercial Act

Personal information contained in trade books and important documents concerning sale

10 years

Commercial Act

Personal information contained in a slip or document similar thereto

5 years

Framework Act on National Taxes

Books and documentary evidence related to all transactions including name, resident registration number, phone number, billing address, fee payment details, etc.  

5 years

Protection of communications Secrets Act

Name, resident registration number, phone number and date of telecommunication by subscribers, time that the telecommunications commence and end, communications number of outgoing and incoming call, etc. and the subscriber's number of the other party, frequency of use and data on a location of originating base station that are required for provision of communication confirmation data

12 months  In case of data related to long-distance/local call services: 6 months

Protection of communications Secrets Act

Computer communications or Internet log-records, data on tracing a location of connectors capable of confirming the location of information communications apparatus

3 months

Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

Records regarding contracts or cancellation of an order, etc.

5 years

Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

Records regarding payment and supply of goods, etc.

5 years

Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

Records regarding handling of consumer’s complaint and dispute

3 years

Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

Records regarding indications/advertisements

6 months

Credit Information Use and Protection Act

Records regarding collection/processing, use, etc. of credit information

3 years


2. In case that a member withdraws the membership voluntarily, the Company retains such member’s name, email address and cell phone identifier information for 1 month after membership withdrawal for the purpose of prevention of an act that such member illegally•wrongfully receives economic benefits such as a discount coupon, event benefit, etc. provided by this service by repeatedly rejoining as a member, withdrawing voluntarily, etc. and of an act of illegal use of other’s name in the course thereof.

3. If it is necessary to retain personal information in preparation for other necessary cases including a lawsuit or dispute, or to assist a member, personal information is retained separately from other members’ personal information, for the period concerned, in accordance with Article 39-6 of Personal Information Protection Act.

4. The Company may continue to retain and use posts and content submitted by a member, if the Company obtains separate consent, even after the member withdraws membership, in a form that a specific individual is unable to be recognized.


3. Provision of personal information to a third party
1. In principle, the Company does not provide member’s personal information to a third party without member’s prior consent. If it is necessary to share member’s personal information with a third party including other members, the Company provides it after obtaining consent by notifying the member of recipients, the purpose of provision, items to be provided, the period of use and retention; provided, however, that a case that follows applicable laws may be an exception.

(1) Cases that personal information is provided to a third party

 A. Where a member gives prior consent to provision to a third party for execution of transaction and smooth provision of services

 B. Where an applicable law requires or an investigative agency requires in accordance with procedures and methods set forth in the laws for the purpose of investigation

 C. Where there is a reason such as spin-off, merger, transfer and acquisition of business


4. Outsourcing of personal information
1. The Company may outsource processing of personal information for improvement of services. When outsourcing of personal information processing, the Company manages·supervises it for safe handling of member’s personal information and restricts handling thereof for other purposes.  

(1) In case personal information processing is outsourced, the Company will notify members thereof in advance.

(2) In case personal information processing is outsourced, the Company will clearly prescribe the service provider’s obligations of strict compliance with instructions relevant to protection of personal information, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of provision to a third party and liability when an accident occurs in an outsourcing agreement, etc. and will keep content of the agreement concerned in writing or electronically.

(3) Status of outsourcing of personal information processing



Outsourced tasks


1) History of service use (Google Analytics, Firebase)

2) Sending push notification

1) Collecting and storing history of service use

2) Sending push notification


1) When sending an alert

1) Sending a notice

Amazon Web Service

Storage of data

Retention of personal information, etc.


Operation of


Operation of infrastructure/service

The lists of outsources may be differentiated at any time depending on changes of a service and the period of contracts.


(4) The Company outsources part of personal information processing tasks to an outsourcee located in a foreign country. Management of user’s personal information in a foreign country is carried out at the same level as in Korea. Therefore, please be noted that personal information may be transferred to, stored or backed up in a server located in a foreign country. 


Transfer to

When to transfer

Items of personal information transferred

Google LLC


Upon necessity, send from time to time through information communications networks

All items of personal information collected and used in the course of using a service (including signing up and questioning and answering)



The lists of outsources may be differentiated at any time depending on changes of a service and the period of contracts.


5. Procedures and methods of destruction of personal information
In case personal information is no longer necessary due expiration of personal information retention period or accomplishment of the purpose of collection and use of personal information, etc., the Company destroys such personal information immediately.

Procedures and methods of destruction of personal information by the Company are as follows:

(1) Procedures of destruction

 A. The Company destroys personal information for which a reason for destruction has occurred after obtaining an approval from a privacy officer.

 B. Information entered by a member for signing up for a membership or application for a service will be moved to a separate DB (to a document cabinet with a separate locking device in case of paper) after accomplishment of the purpose, and destroyed after being stored for a certain period of time depending on a reason of protection of information in accordance of an internal policy and other applicable laws (refer to period of retention and use).

 C. Above-mentioned personal information shall not be used for the purpose other than the purpose of retention unless required by applicable laws.

(2) Methods of destruction

 A. Personal information stored in electronic forms will be destroyed by technical means to prevent any record from being recovered.

 B. Personal information printed on paper will be shredded with a shedder for destruction.


6. Measures for ensuring security of personal information
The Company takes following measures to ensure security when handling members’ personal information.

(1) Encryption of personal information
Members’ personal information is protected by password and important data is protected by using other security functions such as encryption of files and transmission data and file lock function.

(2) Technical measures in preparation for hacking, etc.
The Company installs and periodically renews·checks a security program in order to prevent members’ personal information from being leaked or damaged due to hacking or computer virus, etc.

(3) Restriction on access to the system that processes personal information
The Company limits the number of employees who handle personal information to the minimum and separate passwords for such handling are granted and frequently changed.

(4) Training of employees who handle personal information
The Company trains employees who handle personal information about learning new security technologies and obligations of personal information protection on a regular basis.

7. Matters regarding installation, operation and refusal of personal information auto collection devices
The Company uses “cookies” as means of storing and retrieving user information from time to time in order to provide a personalized and customized service for each user. Cookie is a very small text file sent by a server which is used for operation of company’s website, etc., and that is placed on the hard drive of user’s computer.

(1) Purpose of use of cookies

Targeted marketing and providing a customized individual service through analysis of member and non-member site visitation frequency or time, etc., recognizing user preference and interests and tracing users and recognizing various event participation level and visiting numbers

 (2) Methods to refuse cookies

Users have the option to install cookies. Therefore, users can adjust the level of information collected by cookies by setting options on the web browser.  

Users may decide the level of information collected by cookies by clicking [Tools] menu of the web browser and [Internet option]->[Security]->[Customer Level].

By using the menu described as above, users may check whenever cookies are stored or refuse to store all cookies. However, when a user refuses to install cookies, some services may not be able to be provided.


8. Privacy officer
Members may inquire any complaint with regard to personal information protection arising in the course of using the service of the Company to the privacy officer or responsible department. The Company will promptly respond to the inquiries from members with sufficient answers.

- Privacy Officer: Seongnam Kim
- Cell Phone Number: 010-8421-5533
- Email :

9. Reports and consultations about personal information infringement

If a report or consultation with regard to infringement of personal information, please inquire following institutions.




Privacy Infringement Report Center

(without area code) 118

Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee


Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cyber Crime Investigation Division

(without area code) 1301

National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center

(without area code) 182

10. Duty of notification

(1) privacy policy may be modified when the modification is necessary including changes in laws, government policies or company internal policies, and will be notified on the About Korea website at least 7 days prior to the modification if there is any addition, deletion and modification.  

(2) This Privacy Policy will take effect on July 1, 2022

- Date of notification: July 1, 2022

- Date of enforcement: July 1, 2022

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